sreda, 07. januar 2009

A Girl's Gotta Do, What A Girl's Gotta Do

P ush myself to give things more time

A llow people to decide what they want

T ry to focus my mind on something else

I nvite trust back into my heart

E nter someone else's heart without a fear

N o hurry and no regrets

C atch Her when she's about to fall

E scape from the past ...

p.s. Some things are worth the wait.

6 komentarjev:

Callisto Satu pravi ...

love this one...

love you :D

Laura pravi ...

waw. straight from the heart. :)
nice one.
a to so kakšne po-novoletne zaobljube??
bi se jih tudi js lahko držala.. :D

Shia JeZeBel pravi ...

@ callisto: I knew you would. and I love you too :-)

@ laura: ja, ugotavljam, da nikol ni prepozno za nove odločitve, sploh če izboljšajo kvaliteto našega bivanja. ni treba čakat na nov let :-)

Krtek pravi ...

Veliko sreče pri uresničevanju! :)

storyteller pravi ...

Can I make a copy-paste?!? :)

Shia JeZeBel pravi ...

@ krtek: hvala ... will need it :-)

@ storyteller: of course :-) always!

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