nedelja, 05. februar 2017

Ying Yang

There was a rain on a sunny day,
when they came across eachother.
One quirky smile, one inviting look,
about the rest they didn't bother.

Like blue and red,
In mesmerizing rainbow dance,
All their opposites came together
true love just might be given a chance.

Now one is crying, the other laughing,
one wants to sleep, the other one is wide awake.
Black and white, hot and cold,
Shaking eachother like an earthquake.

What is rose without her torns,
is there a ying without a yang?
Lovers torn between their differences,
their touch is sokaed in guilty pang.

What you do when you meet your mirror,
showing you the things you fear,
do you embrace your flaws as blessing,
keeping all your lessons near?

When there's rain on sunny day,
nature shows us shades of life,
The one you love might be your teacher,
not your hangman, so put down your knife.

What is rose without her torns,
there is no ying without a yang.
Lovers learning every day
life is much more than just a perfect 'bang'.

by ME


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