petek, 13. avgust 2010

When Words Just Don't Do

Sometimes it takes a while, before you can put an experience into words and catch the whole meaning of it. I pay my bills with putting words together but often I find it difficult using only that, to express my inner fascination about something that's above it all. For more than one year my keyboard blocked, whenever I tried to write about the summer of 2009. It was hot and sunny like most of the summers before, but yet it was so much different.

When thinking about, what exactly it was that took my breath away and kept me silent for all this time, I had to say –UNCONDITIONAL DEVOTION. When someone does something just to show the world one of the biggest and most hidden pearls, while investing all they have and not even knowing if they can put a bread on a table each month, that's what I call devotion. The name Jimmy Scott might not tell you much, but his music definatelly can. His soft, sometimes very feminine voice, wrapped around all the things he had to go through in his 84 years, will smoothly conquer your ears, gently caress your soul and slowly but firmly float directly to your heart. And stay there for as long as you will let it to …

To me, Los Angeles was always a city I loved visiting, but meeting Jimmy there, gave the city of angels a whole new dimension. The bling bling around some 'so-called stars' and 'wannabes' suddenly seemed even more grotesque … It's not how many trashy magazines you're in, what kind of car you drive and how many people scream your name while you're walking down Malibu beach… The only thing that really matters is, how many people you truly and honestly touch with what you do. For that, Jimmy Scott in my eyes is the biggest star of them all. And without my dear friend Ralf Kemper and his ambitious hard working team of youngsters, I would probably never even get a chance to set my eyes on his graceness … I thank you guys for giving me the chance to witness music history in making and I unconditionally believe, that through your Little Jimmy Scott Project, people will finally see Jimmy as many of us already do … As one of the greatest music artists of all time.


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