torek, 28. julij 2009


Where is this world going? What is on the mind of world leaders when they bargain with 'little people's' lives?? Who will take the responsibility when everything that was once worth something, will be gone? Stop. Stop it now.

*foto: China Art Exhibition ( Saatchi Gallery, London)

četrtek, 16. julij 2009


For all those of you wondering, yeah I'm still here. Back in Ljubljana since last wednesday, full of emotions, new experiences, thoughts that are keeping me awake, dreams that are growing each day, plans that are changing every hour. Los Angeles hit me pretty hard. It was smuch different from what I remembered. Much better. Nicer. Warmer. More creative. More Me. The only thing that actually disappointed me a bit, was Taco Bell bean buritto ... not as tasty as I kept it in my mind for the last 3 years, LOL. Other than that, City of angels made me fly.

When one of the angels looses it's wings, the others fly next to him to keep him above. High and safe. That's the magic about it.

Not many of you know, why I was going there for, after all this time. I haven't shared it on here. Because I was afraid to talk about it before I left, so nothing would go wrong and once I got there, everything became a little blury. Covered with breaths taken away. One of the main reasons I set my foot on California land, was Jimmy Scott. I'ts ok, if you never heard of him. I admit it, I didn't know him either just few months ago. Now he keeps me speechless. His human touch prevents me from writing about him. Because I feel such respect and I'm afraid my words could never give him the right he deserves. He wasn't the only one that impressed me while staying in LA. There were so many people, working on his dream, finding their dreams within his, creating an artistic fairytale that will hopefully come alive in next few monhts. I will write about it. I'm sure. I just need to put everything inside of me in order. So I can find the phrases that will give you a glimpse of what we experienced in Hollywood.

It really did happen, right? I think so. I hope so. I dream so.

There are many fallen angels in Los Angeles but I haven't met one. I was sourrounded by the finest of them all. Angels with huge wings, flying above mediocracy, expectations of society and common lives of ordinary people. They allowed me to be one of them. And for that, I will never be the same again.


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