nedelja, 10. junij 2012

Extremely Close Incredibly Loud

If people could see behind and beyond every bad decision they make, would they still choose the same path? Would they still destroy, kill, humiliate and ruin destinies of people, they do not even know? Would they think twice before pulling the trigger, lighting the match, signing the paper? If people could feel the pain of the souls surrounding them, would they still look away pretending it is none of their business? Would they still ignore the pleadings of the lost ones, screams from the edge of sanity and crying of the broken spirits? If every spoken word would come right back to you, would you still always say it before thinking it over twice? If every wound you caused to someone else would be killing you slowly too, would you still walk over someone' dream, burn their hopes and stomp dance on the tears of the ones weaker than yourself?  If every time someone gives up on their life, the world would get smaller, would you still pretend your problems are bigger than empathy? If every lost childhood would take away few years from your life would you still decline the shelter of your arms to a person that only needs a hug and a comforting embrace of warm words? If you would finally realize, that every thing you do affects every one you know almost the same as the ones you have never met ... Would you still use the word ME more often than the word YOU? Realize it. Realize that US is much more powerful than I and suddenly the world will start to spin in the right direction. Because even though our lives seem light years apart, we are all extremely close and incredibly loud.


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