torek, 18. december 2007

The Magic of The House

There is a house that everybody is talking about. It's big and red with many rooms and tender red walls and floors. Everybody knows about it, but not many have actually been there. They are walking by it, looking at the house with eyes full of wonder and expectations, but most are afraid to go in. Even though they really want to. Sometimes they feel, like this house is the only right place to be. A perfect getaway where you can feel, live, breathe, love without being judged. The House.

Standing on the Street of Desire, located between the Boulevard of Sanity and Square of Fear, The House is in perfect position, where it is never overlooked. It can not be. Even if you are trying not to see the tempting driveway leading to the promising doors, you can not escape from enormous windows whispering: »Come in … I'm waiting for you...« For a second you think you should take a chance and enter The House. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the tender red floors. Run up and down the stairs of dreams, stomp around, compete with the rhytm of your heart, flirt with sun rays coming from outside and hug your own shadow. After few moments, you can not remember how you got there, actually you have a feeling you have never been outside of The House at all. Suddenly you feel that you are not alone. You start to look for someone. Or maybe this someone starts to look for you. You can not really tell. As you walk through rooms, you hope to run into Him/Her. The owner of The House. (S)he actually is not the owner of this house. (S)he just lives there. (S)he parties with angels, constantly crossing the border between Paradise and Hell. (S)he doesn't really have a face, but when (s)he enters the room, you can smell Him/Her. It's a scent of passion mixed with emotion you once have felt. Desire. It is there. It has always been.

You open your eyes and you are still standing in front of the house. "The House" it says. You are not sure if you have ever been there, but at that moment you do not care. You remember everything. It is real. The House. I'm going in ... There. Wish Me Luck.

3 komentarji:

Krtek pravi ...

There is for everyone such red house ... somewhere.

Marta L. pravi ...

I wish you looooooooooooooads of luck with every single thing you are into now!! Thinking about you & miss you!!!

About the red house ...

I want it! I want it! I WANT it!!!

But just like G. B. Show once said "Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will."

Needless to say - red house IS a new black :)

Shia JeZeBel pravi ...

@ krtek: there sure is :-)

@ marta l. : thaaaank you so much :-) I wish you all that and more too!!!! I miss you ... Red wine or Martini before 2008??? About the red house ... You have it, you have it, you have it :-)) The doors are always open for you ... G.B.Shaw IS new Enigma :-)


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