petek, 16. julij 2010

Moment of Stuckness

Air in my brain, song in my head, butterflies in my stomach... Oh how I love those moments of stuckness, when I don't feel like being useful, when earning money is not the first thing on my mind and any kind of physical activity sounds like a torture. I feel lazy which I'm sure it's normal, when the scale is showing 40 degrees, when  clouds on a crystal clear sky, are not moving for an inch and even my hyperactive doggie is laying in the coldest corner of the house. Moment of stuckness is embracing my apatic day, pushing it towards a serious vegetation in harmony with stilness and the empty department of action. Stuckness. What an ugly word for this lovely day.

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Lilith pravi ...

My moment has been lasting the whole week now :)


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