ponedeljek, 15. junij 2009

Shia Goes Global

Too many things that make me shiver, too many emotions, too many laughs, too many smiles, too many plans, too much work, too many parties, too many hugs, too much running around, too many stars, heart that beats too fast, hug that lasts too long, love that carries too much rain and too much sunshine.

There's nothing as 'too much/many' of the things above. Shia goes global. After London she will be all over the City of Angels really soon. It was about time. It really was. Yay!

4 komentarji:

Anonimni pravi ...

Never is too much this things!
In September you will come to NY city? ;-)

Anja pravi ...

that's hawt ^^

Shia JeZeBel pravi ...

@ anonimni: who knows, maybe Big Apple is my next station .. :-)
@ anja: well thank you and welcome on my blog :-)

Anja pravi ...

Shia, ga spremljam že lep čas, je pa res, da sm vmes s svojim malo zabušavala :)
Enivej, krasna si na fotki, good luck!

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