petek, 08. maj 2009

Our story

The book of my life
Has no empty pages,
Emotions all over,
In all kinds of stages.

Love was my muse,
Since I learned how to spell it,
Heartbreaks my best friends,
As I sang the blues.

When I wasn't ready,
You entered my story,
You stole all the chapters,
Got lost in their glory.

The words were so loud,
As they screamed at me,
The messagge was clear,
We were ment to be.

Just after I found you
I lost you again,
Timing was wrong,
but the ending's not blue.

I'm holding the pen,
Thinking about you,
Rewriting the story
Changing the clue.

The words are so loud,
As they scream at me,
The messagge is clear,
We are ment to be

This is my story, the message is clear, we will find eachother, happy ending is near

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