sreda, 08. junij 2011

All Starke, Čunga Lunga, Bronhi, Tajči in Viki krema

All Starke, Čunga Lunga, Bronhi, Tajči and Viki krema ... Do they make you feel like a child deep down inside? Congratulations! You are a member of the endangered  generation of' pionirčki'! Soon we will extinct so don't waste any more time ...Put on your old, worn out All Star sneakers, chew on Čunga Lunga with your mouth open, grab a bite of bread covered with Viki krema, glue your teeth together with a sticky Bronhi candy and sing out loud 'Hajde da ludujemo' ... Neighbors will complain and you won't be popular when new government starts to rule this little country of ours, but deep down inside you will be happy. I guarantee you that!

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PL pravi ...

All Stars are alive and well, still sold for a not so cheap a price. they seem popular in Stockholm.
Viki krema was ok, but the more popular and not being produced anymore is and was Kinder lada (njam). Eurokrem is available in most stores here, though!
Čunga linga was fun, Bazooka was also an ever popular gum.
Did anyone else have a Vučko product? I had a cardboard height measure poster when I was young and still hoping to grow to more than dwarf size. :p

A ludujemo i danas :P

Sasha pravi ...

Js pa nisem bla več pionirček, ampak sem vseen vse te stvari izkusla.;) Pa še bi jih!

Shia JeZeBel pravi ...

Se strinjam z obema :-))Pionirček je 'state of mind' in ni vezan na nobeno obdobje :-) To sem želela slišati ;-) zdej grem pa po Bronhije!

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